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Benin was one of the first countries to sign up to the Education Plus initiative to clearly position itself and undertake multidimensional and innovative actions in favour of the completion of secondary education and the empowerment of girls while ensuring access to sexual health in an environment free of gender-based violence.

The Government of Benin joined as a Champion Country for the Education Plus initiative in December 2020, supported by the President, Patrice Talon. The government and the United Nations in Benin drew up a road map for the implementation of the initiative and Education Plus was launched in March 2022 by the Vice-President of Benin, Mariam Chabi Talata, and key ministers of health and social affairs during the Forum for Accelerating Girls’ Education.

The United Nations system in Benin has a coordination framework and an inter-agency working group co-chaired by UNAIDS and UNICEF that supports the government’s commitment and efforts to mobilize resources and rally partners

Β· 46% of girls enter secondary school and only 21% complete compared 52% entry and 31% completion among boys.
Β· 21.3% of women are affected by underemployment, much more than men at 13.4%.
Β· Out-of-school rate for females in 47% for lower secondary school and 66% for upper secondary school.
Β· 42% of females aged 15-24 are living below the international poverty line.
Β· Higher risk sex in the last year amongst females 15-24 is 32.1% and condom use during higher-risk sex is 26.1%.
Β· Comprehensive and correct knowledge on HIV is only 15% among females aged 15-24.


Evidence from high-prevalence countries in Africa shows that keeping girls in secondary school reduces their risk of acquiring HIV by half

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October 11, 2023

October 11, International Day of the Girl Child

October 12, 2023

October 11-12β€―, 2023 Global Forum for Adolescents (GFA)

December 4, 2023

International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA)