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WCA Commitment for Youth Education and Health Rights

Their well-being could not be more bargained for because a whole generation depends on it...


Published on August 1, 2023

Young Women Leadership Hub

Aware of their responsibility to change paradigms in order to promote the integration of young people into the global sphere, the Ministers of Education and Health of the countries of West and Central Africa met in the Republic of Congo to proclaim a solemn commitment to better ensure the education, health and development of adolescents and young people. For involving young people, the main concern here.

The themes addressed, each as crucial as the other, are a necessity for young people for a better tomorrow. Indeed, across Africa, every year, girls are deprived of access to complete quality education as well as to the information to know their bodies during adolescence. She reaches adulthood without a clear understanding of herself and skills to help her survive. Violence against girls and young women and unwanted pregnancies have therefore destroyed the future of many.

Studies have finally proven that the earlier they were informed of their bodies, the more likely they were to easily navigate adulthood. It is therefore important to make them aware of the risks they may face and avail them of tools to prevent that. The girl’s vulnerability is undisputed. The violence she suffers is reduced to silence when she cannot find the support to which she is entitled. Today, we put an end to this feeling of inferiority by embarking on restoring equality.

It will not be enough to speak of the role of youth. These youth, who have long called for recognition and inclusion, have this commitment to use to reclaim their rights.

The WCA Commitment signed by Ministers of Education and Health from the 25 countries of West and Central Africa (WCA) in April 2023 will enable ‘the region to capitalise on its demographic dividend by focusing on timely access to comprehensive quality education and information programmes and health services adapted to the needs of adolescents and young people in West and Central Africa.”